Whale Trust Maui Interview

Whale Trust Maui Interview with Dr. Meagan Jones discussing whale projects, research and education programs.

The first part is from the radio program Big Alaska Show on Alaska’s KQFD.
Whale Trust Interview pt 1

The second part of the Interview picks up with more of our discussion on whale conservation and education programs involving the Whale Trust. We also mention the IMAX whale movie that is showing around the country. Links to the schedule are below.
Whale Trust Interview pt 2

Side Note
I met Meagan at the Whale Trust a few years ago. We discussed some of the Whale Trust projects and directions. We also talked about Whales Without Borders website ideas and future developments. Some of those ideas are woven into Whales Without Borders.

Then the following week, I was on a whale watch trip and noticed a whale research vessel studying whale behaviors.

Turns out, Meagan was the researcher aboard as divers studied Mom - Baby actions. They hailed us and needed to borrow some batteries for an instrument that had pooped out. I had some in my camera bag that fit. They were back to observing and taking data without much delay. These photos are from that day.



Whale Trust Research Boat






IMAX movie is actually referred to as: MacGillivray Freeman’s Humpback Whales
The IMAX film link is here:
Humpback Whales Film
List of theaters showing the film
The trailer for Humpback Whales Film

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