Other News On Whales Without Borders Sonar

Whale News Events on our Sonar 10

  • Humpback Whales recovery is national success story
  • Rare up close of sperm whale circling ROV 2000m below sea level
  • Can we finally stop worrying about the humpback whale? Not so fast, say experts
  • Federal agency, Alaska businesses partner on whale program
  • Online funding needed to track B.C. whales
  • Killer whales are stealing fishermen’s catch to make extra calves

  • Whale News Events on our Sonar 8

  • SeaWorld Scientist: Whale Captivity Is No Longer Educational
  • Bolivia: Mysterious Whales Unearthed 3800 Meters Above Sea Level
  • Whales Invade New York!
  • Massive Donation to Help Sea Shepherd Create Perfect Anti-Whaling Ship
  • South Carolina waters proposed as right whale calving critical habitat
  • NOAA tweaks gear marking requirement
  • Whale News Events on our Sonar 7

  • “Rare Longman’s Beaked Whale freed from nets;”
  • “Sperm whales target fishing boats off Alaska;”
  • “Whale Tales 2015: February 13-16 Learn more about Whales;”
  • “Baleen Whale Skulls have acoustic properties;”
  • “Gray Whales breeding off San Diego coast;”
  • “Whale Walk makes mark and is now tradition;”
  • “The Big Alaska Show Radio Interviews Whales Without Borders;”
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