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Migaloo White Whale Breach Great Photos

An Australian photographer photographed Migaloo the albino white whale on Friday when he captured all 50-tonnes of the amazing animal north of Newcastle.

White Whale Migaloo

White Whale Migaloo

Using a lightning-fast shudder speed Alley captured the panograph of the white whale Migaloo breaching out of the water at Nelson Bay, north of Newcastle, on Friday.

Using a lightning-fast shudder speed Alley captured the panograph of the white whale Migaloo breaching out of the water at Nelson Bay, north of Newcastle, on Friday.

Veteran photographer, Ray Alley shot These photos off the coast of Nelson Bay in NSW. The white whale Migaloo, who is migrating north for the winter from the cold waters of the Antarctic to the tropical warmth of north Queensland, stopped off for a rare display of showmanship on his way through at Nelson Bay.
Migaloo shares his distinguishable albino appearance with just one other white whale in the world, a Norwegian. He was first sighted for the first time this year by a member of the public just off the coast of Green Cape in southern NSW on Tuesday.
Migaloo, 35, was seen at Cape Green on NSW south coast before swimming past Sydney on Thursday. The much-loved whale has returned to Australia’s eastern seaboard every year since first sighting in 1991

Sightings of Killer Whales

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Record number of Whales at Kurnell spotted by Whale Watchers

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Migaloo, one of world’s rarest whales

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Whale watchers wanted for census June 29, 2014

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Summer sightings for Whale Watching

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Leaping whale in calmer seas rewards whale watching

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