Whale watchers wanted for census June 29, 2014

WHALE watchers are being encouraged to keep their eyes peeled at viewing platforms across the region on Sunday June 29 as part of annual Whale Census Day.

Whale Watchers Wanted June 29

Whale Watchers Wanted June 29

The mammals have begun their annual northerly migration and towards the end of June to early July are traditionally considered the best times of year to spot them.
ORRCA (Organisation for the Rescue and Research of Cetaceans in Australia) is asking locals to sign-up for its nation-wide whale count as soon as possible.
This allows the group to ensure all sighting locations are covered.
From Seal Rocks up to Forster, the Great Lakes has some of the best viewing areas for whales and ORRCA is hoping local marine lovers will take to some of these locations on Sunday June 29 between dawn and dusk.
Members of the public are invited to head to their nearest headland or favourite ocean viewing spot to participate in the census.
The Great Lakes region is well renowned for its whale watching opportunities.
ORRCA president Ronny Ling said from picnic rugs to stationed boats in the water – volunteers all over Australia will be gathering data for important research.
And at the end of the census, ORRCA will pass the information and data on to other advocacy groups, government bodies and researchers.

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